Paper cup history

Paper cup history

   Cup, means a pot of water in Turkish. In history, Mahmud of Kashgar used the word bart. It is also known as the present form of the old Kipchak, which has received a reduction attachment. Interestingly, in ancient times, the word 'glass' has stabilized.

In the rural areas where glassware is not widespread, until recently it was called 'tas' and 'maşraba' with words taken from Arabic. In Anatolian folk culture, according to the region, there is a separate word for wooden or clay cups with variable names such as boduç and bocut.

Today, cardboard cups are in our daily life which is an alternative to glass in places where fast life is active. Coffee for most of us is an important part of our daily lives. We live in our house, depending on the caffeine in our workplaces.

The first use of single-use, cardboard cups begins in the early 20th century. In 1907, lawyer and inventor, Lawrence Luellen, from the US, in Boston, invented a patented paper cup. He called it u HEALTH CUP. TH The structure looked like a paper bag that could be disposed of after use. After 5 years the name ada PAPER CUP ”became widespread and became popular in the world.

In 1918, there was an epidemic of infection in the water in Spain along with influenza, many people died. In those years, everyone was afraid of microbes. This was a time when disposable containers were in use. People started to appreciate how useful paper cups are. For this reason, disposable containers, paper cups have established themselves in the fast living culture.

Disposable cardboard cups have been used not only for drinking water, but also for hot drinks such as tea and coffee. In the 1930s, the cup holder sleve was invented to prevent the paper cups from burning. In 1933, an inventor invented cardboard cups with handles.

In our country in the early 2000s, rapid consumption and accelerated business life showed that there was a need for use of horse products. However, cardboard cup manufacturers have made the products that they have made available to the conscious users.

The companies that are currently producing and selling in the cardboard cup market are serving our country with reliable products.

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